We gotta get outa this place …

We live in one of the most expensive parts of the USA (just north of New York City) and really need to move someplace cheaper, now that Arthur is safely off to Goucher College. We’ve been focusing our hopes on Ashland, Oregon for a few years now. Ashland is a small town just north of the California border near the coast and is home to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which runs ten months out of every year. So the whole town is filled with actors, musicians, writers, poets, and other creative folks, while having a large and steady influx of tourists. It’s also Druid Central for the West Coast (hi guys!) with several different Druid groups in residence. Just the place for a couple of Pagan Elders to spend their later years!

The fact that the cost of living is about a third lower than what we’re paying now means that our meager income will stretch much further. There’s a branch of Phaedra’s store just thirty miles up the Interstate in Medford (a city that also has an international airport, so we can quickly and cheaply get there to fly off to gigs). I hope to open a tea and tarot parlor where I can write and teach when I’m not giving readings.

We estimate that the cost to move ourselves, our cats, and literally a ton of books, will be at least $10,000. We have set up a separate savings account into which all donations for this purpose will be segregated from our day-to-day income and expenses. Anyone who would like to help us out can donate using either of the graphics below. As with our general support fund, you can also send money to us at PO Box 1010, Nyack, NY, USA 10960-8010.

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