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Forwarding the Pagan Agenda

If you’re not a follower of The Wild Hunt (what!! you should be!) you might not have heard of a guy named David Barton. I’ve been talking about him on Facebook, and Twitter, but not yet here. This is a … Continue reading

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You guys are great…just sayin’

In my last blog post, I made a passing reference to company that had been hosting this site. I almost didn’t mention it at all, thinking it might sound petty grousing about them in public. Am I glad I did! … Continue reading

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Testing, testing …

I’m just trying to convince Facebook to pick up an appropriate graphic when people link to our blog. Nothing else to see here…move along.

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Isaac’s Illness

I’ve been letting Isaac take care of neopagan.net for so long, I almost forgot about our own blog. But he’s not available to update y’all, so it’s my turn. If you haven’t already heard from our Facebook page or other … Continue reading

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