Presentations by Phaedra

Here’s a sample of Phaedra’s presentations and workshops as of May, 2011. Had something else in mind? Let her know — she’ll try to accommodate you!

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  • Real Energy (1-2 hours)
    When they tell you to “ground and center” do you ever wonder what they really mean? What is this stuff we call “energy” anyway? How do we make it? And what do we do when we’ve got it? Come explore ideas about and uses of magical energy, based on the book Real Energy (New Page, 2007) co-authored by Phaedra and her late husband, Isaac Bonewits
  • Ritual Participation Skills (1-2 hours)
    The priest, priestess, or ritual facilitator in your magical or religious ceremonies can’t do everything themselves! Starting from the premise that ritual is a participatory activity, not a spectator sport, Phaedra will lead an exploration of the ways you can intensify your ritual experience. Something for everyone, whether they’ve been to five hundred rituals or none at all.
  • It’s Mind and Body! (1-2 hours)
    Yes, you can do your magic all in your mind, but there are some very good reasons for with the body. We’ll look at energy use, visualization and try some psychophysical exercises as we explore the mind/body connection in both theory and practice. Remember, a magician’s most powerful tool is his or her own nervous system!
  • Propping up the Magic (2-6 hours)
    Are ritual tools, scenery, and costumes really necessary? Are they sometimes more of a hindrance than a help? Phaedra will teach how to use ceremonial tools effectively and how to do powerful ritual with or without them. (Note: short time slots are good for an overview, longer time slots will accommodate a more in-depth presentation.)
  • What Are Correspondences and Why Should I Care? (1 hour – 1 weekend)
    Air, Earth, Fire and Water are more than just points on a compass! Explore the realm of magical correspondences and learn how to apply them in ritual and magical work. (Book the weekend-long event and get material from Propping Up the Magic incorporated, too!)
  • Internal Tarot (2-6 hours)
    The Golden Dawn said that divination was the lowest form of using the Tarot. Leaving hierarchy aside, there is more than one way of dealing a deck. Focus on Tarot as a tool for personal growth, using exercises and meditation.
  • Candle Magick (1-2 hours)
    Shed a little light on casting spells. Explore techniques for spellworking with candles suitable for either individual or group settings. If you desire, bring your own white candle and an intention.
  • How Entrancing! (2-6 hours)
    Focused concentration is a cornerstone of magical work. Learn techniques for entering trance and other out-of-the-ordinary states of consciousness.
  • The Life and Times of Isaac Bonewits (1-2 hours)
    Philip Emmons Isaac Bonewits (1949-2010) was a seminal figure in the history of late 20th century Neopaganism, beginning with his degree in Magic from UC Berkeley in 1970, his groundbreaking book, Real Magic, first published in 1971, and his founding of the largest Druid group in North American, Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). Isaac’s widow, Phaedra, presents an irreverent but loving tribute to his life and work.
  • Sensory Magic (1-6 hours)
    Sight, sound, smell, touch and taste — our five senses are the channels through which we access and interact with the world. Join Phaedra in exploring how the senses can be used to access to the magical world, too.

More focused sensory workshops:

  • Sounds Like Magic (1-1.5 hours)
    All ritual and magical work incorporates bodies and our senses. Both our voices and our hearing add powerful dimensions to that work, but are often underutilized. Join Phaedra in an exploration of the use of voice, noise, music and silence as magical tools. We’ll explore the use of sound coming from both inside and outside ourselves. What you hear can be what you get! Please note, this is for all skill levels. Phaedra is not an accomplished singer, drummer or musician, she just tries to use what she does have to its best advantage.
  • Casting a Glamour (1-1.5 hours)
    They say seeing is believing; how can you use the power of seeing to enhance your magical work? Phaedra explores the most powerful human sense–sight–in its use as a tool of magic.
  • Magical Scents (1-2 hours)
    Incense, perfumes and other wonderful scented stuffs can aid and enhance our magical work. Phaedra will lead you through the basics of using incense and oils so your spells can have the sweet smell of success!

Boilerplate Bio for Programs and Publicity:

Phaedra Bonewits, Neopagan teacher, writer, and initiate of several traditions of Wicca, Witchcraft and Hermetic Magic, is just another occult generalist who insulates her house with books.

In addition to her scholarly pursuits, Phaedra was a pioneer in public Pagan worship in Chicago where she was a founding member of Panthea Temple, was an active public Pagan in North Carolina, and served as national vice president of the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans (CUUPS). She been a presenter on the topics of magic, Tarot, and ritual at events throughout the US, has published many articles, and was a contributor to Llewellyn’s 2010 Witches’ Companion. Phaedra spent most of the ’00s in New York Druid-wrangling her late husband, Isaac Bonewits, with whom she co-authored Real Energy: Systems, Spirits, And Substances to Heal, Change, And Grow (New Page, 2007). She is currently happily ensconced in a tourist town in southwestern Oregon where she is a board advisor to the Rowan Tree Pagan Spiritual Community of Medford, Oregon.