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If you’d like to have Phaedra present at your next big event — or as your next big event! — send an email to phaedrahps @ aol. com (it’s not a link; copy, paste and take out the spaces).

Use a Subject heading in the format of 2009/mm/dd-dd Event Name (Location) so your scheduling request does not get lost amid the email flood. For example: 2009/02/29-31 Cthulhu Con (Arkam, MA).

Phaedra does charge a fee for events. Complete details can be found on the Fees and Arrangements page.

Festival and Pagan Pride Day seasons generate a lot of requests, so reserve your dates as early as possible. In case of scheduling conflicts with simultaneous requests, priority will be given to the event offering a better financial package or events can be worked into a tour.

Official confirmation of a booking requires a 50% deposit of the speaking fees, plus an official event website url (to the specific page) and/or an organizer e-mail that can be posted on the Schedule page. Phaedra also requests at least two phone numbers by which the organizers can be privately contacted before and during the event.

A list of current workshops can be found on the Presentations by Phaedra page. However, Phaedra is knowledgeable about a wide rage of Neopagan and magical topics. If you have something in mind for your group that you don’t see listed, feel free to discuss it with her.

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