Registered to vote? Are you really sure?

The Republican Party is in all-out panic mode seeking to stave off their defeat on Nov. 4th by a landslide so huge they won’t be able to rig enough voting machines to stop it. So in nineteen states they are purging tens of thousands of (mostly minority) voters from the poll lists, in violation of a federal law that supposedly makes this illegal within 90 days of a federal election.

Go to where you can fill out an online form to search your state’s voter registration records to see if you are still registered. Do it fast, because if you aren’t, your state’s registration deadline may be in the next few days.

Oh, and be sure to bring several forms of identification, including utility bills or other proof of residence, as well as a driver’s license, passport, and social security card, especially if you use more than one version of your name. Many states have instituted “anti-fraud” programs to make it difficult for even registered voters to actually vote. All this becomes even more important if you are a student, elderly, or a member of an ethnic minority.

College students: it is perfectly legal in most states to register from your dorm or other temporary college residence address. Call your local Board of Elections to make sure what the laws really are, then double check with state authorities.

Pass the word.

UPDATE: Here’s another link to information about voter disenfranchisement and how to preserve your vote.

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  1. ibonewits says:

    They don’t mind if they purge some of their own, as long as most of the folks they purge were likely to vote Democratic.

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