Fees and Arrangements

  • Fees and Expenses:
    1. All expenses must be covered by the sponsors/organizers of each event, including gas, train fare or airfare, transportation to/from the airport or train station, lodging, meals and other miscellaneous necessary expenses (cab fare, etc.). It can’t cost Phaedra money to attend your event.
      For presentations at Neopagan or New Age festivals or conventions Phaedra requests a minimum fee of $250 per day of activities, or $700 for a 3 day festival, or $1000 for a 5 day festival. This includes up to two scheduled activities (lectures, workshops, or rituals) per day of the event.
      For presentations done at Neopagan or New Age bookstores or centers, while already in the area, the fee is 50% of the event admission fees/donations collected, with a guaranteed minimum of $100. For events that require travel independent from another event, the above fees for festivals and conventions hold.
      Bookstore/center events can be combined with a book signing, for which there is no charge. Book signings without a presentation can also be set up, but transportation and necessary expenses will be at the expense of the venue. Stores should contact our publishers several weeks prior to the event to make sure that they have sufficient stock on hand.
      Half of the fee should be paid at the time of the booking, preferably through PayPal or by Postal Money Order mailed to Phaedra Bonewits, 258 A St Ste 1 PMB 65, Ashland OR 97520.
      Deposits can be refunded if the appearance is canceled (or rescheduled to a time Phaedra can’t attend) no later than six weeks before the originally scheduled date. Changes after that date will forfeit the deposit. (In the event of conflicting invitations, the first venue that makes a deposit wins!)

    Note that arrangements can often be made for organizers/groups in genuine financial straits, academic institutions and affiliated student organizations, or when currency exchange rates make the regular fees prohibitive, especially if other paying gigs can be scheduled immediately before or after in the same geographical neighborhood.

    Admittance to any rituals led by Phaedra may not be refused to attendees who are unable to make any requested donation. Attendance at rituals requiring special preparation may, however, be restricted at her discretion.

  • Transportation:
    1. Phaedra cannot purchase tickets for later reimbursement.
      Air flight itineraries should begin and end at the Rogue Valley International-Medford [Oregon] Airport (MFR).
      Remember when booking tickets to include luggage fees and other miscellaneous tacked-on fees.
      Please provide a cellphone number for whomever will be picking her up at the airport or train station.
      For events within 50 miles of Ashland, Oregon, Phaedra can drive to and from the site; travel costs then become gas, motel, and food costs. However, it’s not as easy as it used to be for Phaedra to drive at night, so if you can provide a driver, she will be very grateful.

    Note that you can cut the transportation expenses by working with other Pagan venues in your area to split the costs by having Phaedra do two or even three events in the same time period.

  • Hospitality:
    1. Eats:
      Please arrange for reasonable food breaks. If your site will not have food available or nearby, you will need to arrange transportation to local restaurants. Phaedra is omnivorous, and will partake of Mexican, Italian, Indian, Thai, Chinese, sushi, good diner food, and is usually game to try your local specialties. Home cooking is always welcome. She appreciates alcohol in moderate quantities, especially mead and beer that’s dark and chewy. Chocolate is, of course, appropriate for any occasion. Coffee before noon will make everyone happier. Phaedra doesn’t tolerate wheat well, so non-wheat alternatives (gluten is fine, spelt is fine) are appreciated.

      Phaedra has no camping gear of any kind, so bedding and shelter will always need to be provided. Inexpensive motels off-site or camper vehicles on-site are the best option. Home hospitality is fine; however, sleeping accommodations should be up off the floor and provide some privacy. Phaedra has hip and shoulder problems and can no longer sleep on the floor, on the ground, or on hard surfaces. Non-smoking homes are highly preferred. Please ask in advance if you are unsure about the suitability of what you have available.

      Scheduling should be arranged so Phaedra can get eight hours of sleep per night. Presentations will be of higher quality if they are scheduled for after 10:00 am, as she is not a morning person. If you do require an earlier start time, and Phaedra is driving to your event, she prefers to arrive the day before. In that case, please arrange for local overnight accommodations.

      Due to ongoing health issues, Phaedra will need somewhere to rest or nap during the day between presentations or other activities.

      Phaedra is slightly mobility impaired, especially when the weather is cold and/or wet. She cannot easily sit on the floor or on the ground, and long stretches of sitting on hard chairs will make it difficult for her to walk. If your outdoor site is large and/or hilly, please arrange transportation (golfcart?) to the workshop sites or put her camp nearby. If a hotel doesn’t have an elevator, please book a (nonsmoking) first floor room. If camping gear is provided, help will be needed to set up a tent. Pop-ups and RVs are always appreciated.

  • Vending & Reading:
    1. Phaedra can provide tarot readings at events, and occasionally has books or other merchandise to sell. She will need a vendor’s permit and booth space if applicable.