Obama: Swifter Action Oriented Focus on Immediate Issues & Needs

As I saw it early this morning (news pages have already been changing, but my earlier meanderings did give me a snapshot view)…

As far as online news sites like Yahoo’s or CNN are concerned, Obama is presently relegated to…where is anything on him? I went a couple pages deep and all I saw was Palin, mention that the Cultural War was reignited (which generally is good for the Republican party because it puts attention on their talk), McCain, McCain, McCain, Bush likes McCain, and that Palin’s daughter’s impregnator will attend the RNC like a good boy.

On Obama’s official site’s front page, I see a “Together We Can, Help the Victims of Hurricane Gustav” map featuring the states affected by Hurricane Gustav. I can click directly on a state on the map, I choose Louisiana, and it takes me directly to:


Obama and his staff, being more direct and focused, have worked together to exact swifter navigation and, presumably, results.

What you see when you hit McCain’s front page is a plea to donate to his campaign. Continue on to his second page and there is something about Hurricane Gustav included among other titles regarding donating to his campaign, volunteering for his campaign, and wearing Republican campaign T-Shirts. Click the Hurricane Gustav button and you are taken to a third page where you will see a button that will take you to a fourth page so you can read the speech given by Cindy McCain and the first lady. Click a button on that fourth page to go to a fifth page to “Take Action.” You get to choose which state to assist on this fifth page. I choose FL and it takes me to http://www.flahurricanefund.org/, where I have to now navigate that site. There was unnecessary busy work involved and that’s something that creates delays and ineptitude on a governmental scale, such as what did and didn’t happen after Hurricane Katrina.

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  1. Noira says:

    Subject: Totally off-topic 🙂

    Hello, I just wanted to drop you a line, since you haven´t responded to my July (?) e-mail. This type of unrealiable distant communication sucks . I still have the Skype available, but wasn´t able to set a virtual “date” with you or anybody else in Our druidry. I´m becoming Druid-home-sick!

    There is some really good news I have for you, and the first is that we´ll meet in Germany this autumn, I have saved enough money to attend one of your European tour stops. (Now isn´t that magic? You coming over here and me being actually able to attend?)

    The second news is that I am getting better every week with the content management system, building a new Pagan website in my native language, so when I am really good, and my business license is going well (I´ve just opened one), we can do some fundraising to dust off your ol´ Druid cyberhenge.

  2. ibonewits says:

    Noira, that all sounds great! We look forward to meeting you in Germany.

    Sari, this is only one example of many of Obama’s ability to juggle multiple complex issues efficiently. Won’t it be nice to have a SMART President?

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