Why I am Offended by the Republican Vice-Presidential Pick

I usually leave the politics to Isaac, but this one really got to me.

I’m old enough to remember when women weren’t allowed to drive a city bus, much less run for national office. I remember as a little girl watching a cute TV kid sing a cute song about how “every little boy can grow up to be president” (emphasis mine). I remember being so excited to see women’s names on the ballot I’d vote for any of them, just to shake things up. But that was back in the seventies, and I got over that.

These days I vote for women and men who I respect and who I think will do a good job. I voted for Hillary in the Democratic primary, not because I disliked Obama, but because I like Hillary. I liked and still like Bill, too. I did well during Bill Clinton’s America, and I would be happy to give Hillary a shot at doing the same.

I also liked the idea of a women president, which I had not been certain (and still am not certain) I would see in my lifetime. However, I did not vote for Hillary because she was a woman, or because I wanted a woman in the White House. I voted for Hillary because I thought she would be a good president. I was disappointed when she did not get the nomination, but that won’t stop me from voting for Obama. I think he would make a good president, too, and Joe Biden, also, if — Gods forbid — it came to that.

But apparently Senator McCain and/or the Republican party bigwigs think that I’m still stuck in the seventies. My gal didn’t win, so they bring out their own gal for me to vote for.

I’m sure Sarah Palin is a nice lady. She has a bunch of kids. We don’t agree religiously, but I’ve always said, I won’t force my religion on you, you don’t force your religion on me (oh, wait…). She just finished both giving birth and governing, for two years, a state with a huge landmass and a population that rivals Monaco. Her foreign affairs experience consists of being in binocular distance of Siberia.

This is what the nation wants next in line for the presidency? This is who they’re going to have run with the oldest candidate ever? From the mini-van to the White House?

Thanks, oh you many Mr. Republicans. Thanks for thinking I’m stupid and you can pander for my vote. Thanks for thinking my 85-year-old mom is stupid, too. I’ve got a surprise for you. Although Mom has voted Republican all her life, she told me before the primaries barely began, enough is enough, we’ve got to get rid of the Republicans.

No way. No how. No McCain.

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2 Responses to Why I am Offended by the Republican Vice-Presidential Pick

  1. sari0009 says:

    I described my reaction, here.

    As far as I’m concerned, McCain did what many (political, in this case) abusers do — they pick a younger woman not yet (if ever) wise to the signs and patterns of abuse so that she may play the role of enabler and role model for his flavor of power paradigm.


  2. ibonewits says:

    I agree with your blog posting about Sarah Palin, but I think your analysis here may be a touch off center. Palin is exactly the same kind of secretive, paranoid, fearful of exposure abuser that Dick Cheney is.

    McCain = Bush
    Palin = Cheney

    Spread the meme!

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