It never rains but…

…it pours! Every time we manage to get a little ahead, wham! The universe has another surprise for us.

With this week’s paycheck, and income this weekend from performing a wedding, and income next week for a lecture, we were supposed catch up with all our bills by Samhain. Then our black cat Bennie suddenly comes down with a mysterious ailment that might be irritable bowel syndrome (we’re changing his name to Stinky) but might be cancer, or might be something else equally dire. In order to find out, we wind up taking him to his regular vet, then to another one with better high tech diagnostic machines, and wham! We’re looking at $1800 in vet bills.

All this, just as we were about to begin an advertising campaign for our books on a New Age (opt-in only) emailing list, one that we hoped would (with only a 1% response rate) get us through the winter when there aren’t any festivals going on to pay money for workshops. For $150 we could reached 250,000 Pagan and New Age readers, at least a few of whom might not have all our books yet.

So we’re going to once again ask our regular readers and supporters to help out. Below are three different PayPal buttons, which will let you donate to our general work, Bennie’s hospital bills, or the advertising campaign. Any and all assistance will be gratefully appreciated by us and possibly by Bennie (he is a cat after all).

Donate to Isaac and Phaedra’s work

Donate to keep Bennie kicking!”

Donate to the Advertising Fund

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3 Responses to It never rains but…

  1. sari0009 says:

    Sorry to hear.

    Easy to spend thousands more on diagnosis than what you already have. Tried anything like adding fiber, Nutro’s MaxCat food, or raw food diets? Couldn’t hurt and could save you from higher bills, is what I’m thinking.

    Hopefully not too serious.

  2. Stan says:

    I agree with sari0009 and I suggest that if you are still giving Bernie milk STOP IT immediately!
    Then try supplementing the cat’s diet with some good tasting brewers yeast to which you have added the contents of a quercetin capsule or two. Normally cats love brewers yeast but if there is any reluctance on Bernie’s part, don’t hesitate to sprinkle a few drops of soya sauce on it. That usually does the trick.
    Quercetin is a dietary supplement many holistic doctors recommend to people suffering from irritable colon syndrome. I’ve used it myself for a longstanding intestinal ailment my doctor was unable to cure. I had positive results from the first cup of onion peel broth. Onion peels are reported as being the richest source known for quercetin. Though I doubt you’ll be able to convince Bernie to drink enough broth to make any difference.
    It’s worth a try and as sari0009 said, it can’t hurt.

  3. ibonewits says:

    He seems to have food allergies that are triggering the intestinal problems. We have to feed him Hill’s prescription zero allergen diet (“z/d”) cat food, since he throws up everything else. We’ll look into quercetin, thanks!

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