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Keeping Track of the Polls

Want to have a single place to go to find a summation of all the current genuine polls — that is, the non-partisan, non-push, professional polls? Continue reading

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Tonight’s Spell for Democracy

(09/26) Tonight we’re doing a “klutzokinesis” spell on opposition candidates and political party spin-masters to make them accidentally speak truth in public. Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Spell for Democracy

If you read our previous postings below, you’ll know that Tuesday night (09/19) we’re doing a spell to increase the curiosity, courage, and tenacity of local and national journalists. Continue reading

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He Can Be Taught!

While poking around on Associates pages, I was looking for a way to send visitors here to a search page listing all my books. To my delight, I’ve discovered that they have a way to set up micro-stores of up to nine titles. Continue reading

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Steve Irwin Was a Warrior…

Steve Irwin was a warrior for the Earth-Mother, risking his life to save endangered species and to educate the world that “ugly” or “unlovable” species were worth saving too. Continue reading

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