Tomorrow’s (10/24) Spell for Democracy

Our original list of 13 spells for 13 Tuesdays has tomorrow’s spell being, “Set up an energy matrix on the astral around all polling places to ensure fairness.” This is a spell that all American Pagans should be willing to participate in, considering the many justified fears about voting machine errors (or hacking), renegade partisans trying to suppress voting among particular population groups, badly trained electoral volunteers, lack of translators for voters needing them, and other threats to a completely fair and honest election.

Everyone in our Spells for Democracy e-group has his or her own way of working magic, but here’s a suggestion for one way that might be effective:

Step one: find your local polling places. Walk around them as far as possible to clarify their boundaries. You might even want to walk around their entire blocks. Take photos if you can. If you can find out where your local election officials will be meeting during the election, visit that place and photograph it too.

Step two: place your photos or other symbolic representations of the locations on your home altar or shrine. Invoke Lady Liberty, Columbia, Freedom, and/or Justice to place an area of their influence around each location, making each person who goes into it become dedicated to participating in a fair and honest election where every vote will be counted and where every voter will be able to cast their ballot freely.

Step three: spend at least half an hour meditating on these concepts and channeling divine energies into the astral energy field around each location.

Step four: thank the deities and blow out your candles, etc.

Step five: repeat steps 2-4 every day until the election is over.

Note: the themes for the next two Tuesdays will be:

(10/31) Offerings to powerful Changemaker deities like Sekhmet, Kali, etc., to defeat any forces of evil who might enter the protected areas and to expose any efforts by dishonest people to rig the vote-counting.

(11/07) Big honkin’ spell-casting all day long combining the first 12 workings (or as much participation as you can manage) & nighttime results vigil.

If you are reading about this exercise in magical democracy for the first time, you might want to visit our Spells for Democracy page here at for some background.

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