Guinness Lets Us Down

Did you know that liquor companies are using their profits to kill health care reform in Congress?

I just signed a customer complaint form to the liquor company that makes Bailey’s, Guinness and Johnnie Walker, for running an online campaign attacking the health care bills before Congress.

Can you sign the form, too?

I’m not going to drink Guinness again until they stop this campaign against health care reform! That’s what I told them, and I hope you’ll join me.

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2 Responses to Guinness Lets Us Down

  1. redwoodeagle says:

    Stick to local micro-brews. You’re going to be moving to my region soon, so I can recommend a few that are, I believe anyway, at least as good if not better than Guiness: 8 Ball Stout, brewed by Lost Coast Brewery (Eureka CA), Eel River Porter, brewed by Eel River Brewing Co (Scotia CA) and Nitro Stout, brewed by Standing Stone Brewing Co (Ashland OR).

    Oh yeah, I signed the form! I haven’t had health care for 20 years. I’ve been pushing for single-payer.

  2. ibonewits says:

    We luvs us our micro-brews, we does! I’ve had the 8-Ball and the Eel River Porter, but they are very expensive on this side of the country.

    Standing Stone is in Ashland, where we’re moving? How cool is that?

    Of course, we may not get there for a while, if we don’t get more donations to our moving fund. 🙁

    We want single-payer too, like most civilized countries have.

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