Upcoming Gigs for July 2009

Phae and I are getting all packed up to attend a special all-day event in Ottawa, Ontario this Saturday, July 11th: Fire in the Hearth. Isaac will appear with Dr. Brendan Myers, author of The Other Side of Virtue, Dr. Shelley Rabinovitch, Professor of the Magic, Witchcraft and Occult Phenomena Course, at the University of Ottawa and author of An’ Ye Harm None: Magical Morality & Modern Ethics, and Linda Demissy, Senior Druid of Silver Fox Grove, ADF, and author of Linda’s Book of Pagan Chants.

The next week, from July 21st through 26th, Isaac will be presenting at Starwood XXIX, the East Coast’s largest Pagan-friendly festival, in Sherman, New York. Isaac will discuss Wiccan Ritual Design and Performance, the Laws of Magic, and Neopagan Community—Strengths and Weaknesses. He will also provide Tarot readings, sign books, sing, and otherwise carry on. Starwood is a world unto itself with scholarly presentations, powerful magical rituals, mind-blowing parties, and the biggest bonfire you’ve ever seen—if you live east of the Mississippi, go there!

From July 31st through August 3rd, Isaac will be a Guest of Honor with Philip Carr-Gomm of OBOD and John Michael Greer of AODA at the House of Danu’s Druid Gorsedd in Monterey, California. This looks to be a magnificient weekend of family-friendly Druidic disputation and entertainment—if you live west of the Mississippi, go there!

Note that we no longer haul around boxes of books, CDs, and jewelry to events, so if you’d like your book, music CD, or lecture tape signed, you’ll have to buy it and bring it with you (though some items may be on sale from ACE at Starwood).

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  1. It was great fun to share the panel with you! We must do that again some time.

    Say hi to Philip and to John for me at the event in Monterey. 🙂

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