Spells for Democracy: August 2008 Edition

Here are some suggestions for some ethical spellwork we could do this weekend and at the next few new moons. Feel free to do one or more of the following:

1. Cast a spell of protection around your favorite candidate to protect him/her from physical danger. I’m especially concerned about protecting a certain Democratic candidate that will have a lot of crazies, as well as sane but evil members of the Power Elite, gunning for him — perhaps literally.

2. Cast a revelation spell around your least-favorite candidate, to expose any aspects of their history or personality that would make them unfit for office.

3. Cast a revelation spell around your state Secretary of State (or whoever is the highest elections official) to expose any illegal, unethical, or immoral attempts to rig the elections. This would include efforts to purge legitimate voters (usually minorities) from the election rolls, hack the programming of electronic voting machines to throw the election to a preferred candidate, etc.

4. Cast a courage and tenacity spell on the members of the House Judiciary Committee who are investigating illegal behavior by the Bush administration. You could also help them with a few more revelation spells on the White House.

In each spell, design it to build with the moon, reach full power at the full moon, and stay at full power until after the elections (for spells 1-3) or 2010 (for the 4th).

Note that revelation spells have to be very powerful to cause results that will be widely reported by the corporate media — just reaching the blogosphere isn’t enough. The targets have to be made so psychologically clumsy and/or courageous that they blurt out the truth under circumstances that are impossible to edit or spin. So don’t hold back!

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