On asking for money

It’s never easy. Phaedra and I only ever do so when our backs are to the wall. Regular readers may have noticed that we haven’t asked for financial help recently. That’s because we’ve had a small rise in income lately due to my tarot readings and a couple of weddings performed, plus some income from Real Magic School. Even so, we’re glad we have an understanding landlady. We may be starting a Moving Money Fund to get us away from the expensive town we live in to a much cheaper one in Oregon, but that too will be a survival issue for us as Pagan elders.

I was a bit surprised to see Arthur’s post earlier today asking for help to get to Starwood. I’ll admit I didn’t see much wrong with it at first. To an eighteen-year-old, not getting to go to an event he’s attended every year of his life would seem an emergency. Eventually I decided that his appeal should have been sent to the Starwood emailing list, rather than the entire world via our family blog.

So I’ve removed his first post in which he asked for help and his second one in which he thanked and promised to pay back those who sent him money. I’ll make sure that he does.

Nonetheless, I’m glad that he will be able to go this year and next year he’ll know well enough to start saving for it in April.

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