Offline for a few days

If you are sending us email or waiting for new blog posts, you may have to wait a while. We will be offline for a few days due to financial difficulties. If you’d like to see us back up and flying sooner, there is a “Donate” link to the right.

In other news, Merlin of Amulets by Merlin fame tells me he has my entire line of Pagan jewelry designs in stock, in both silver and “nu-gold” bronze, ready to ship within 48 hours of receiving your orders. Surprise someone for Yule with their very own Druid Sigil, Oak Awen, or Dagda’s Club!

I’ve received a box of Neopagan Rites from Llewellyn and will be shipping out the pre-publication orders on Friday.

About Isaac Bonewits

World famous (or is that notorious) Druid/Wiccan/Heathen/Santarian author, speaker, pundit, etc. Google me to see what I've been doing with my life and what my friends and enemies think about me.
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