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Virtues: 2 Filters, 3 Pillars, & Many Authors

I’d like to imagine (instead of apathy repetitively answered with proprietary clarity) recognizing virtues as common ground even though people across the globe teach, define, stress, and associate them a bit differently.
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A Pagan Grace

We give thanks to Mother Nature, The source of all nourishment. We give thanks to the people who work hard, So that food can come to our table. We give thanks to the plants and the animals Who die so … Continue reading

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Book and Jewelry Orders on their Ways

I’ve just finished packing up all but one of the current book orders and all but three of the jewelry orders. All the remaining orders (including CDs) will go out sometime within the next two weeks. As of now, all … Continue reading

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Isaac’s Jewelry Designs to Arrive Sooner

All of my designs of Pagan and Druidic symbols are now available directly from my silversmith Merlin of Amulets by Merlin fame. As with autographed books, I’ll bring copies to festivals and speaking gigs, but all the online orders will … Continue reading

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Isaac Gets the Points

For the last few weeks, I’ve been getting treated by Dr. Martin Murphy, CA/L.Ac., at his Center for Classical Five Element Acupuncture in Ramsey, New Jersey—and the results have been wonderful! I have much more energy, my appetite has improved … Continue reading

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Neopagan Rites

Copies of the earlier edition of this book, Rites of Worship, are selling for as much as $250 via’s used book dealers. Why pay that kind of money when you can pre-order the new edition at or … Continue reading

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Isaac’s Iota

With the Feast of the Turkey God coming up, it’s a good time to give thanks to those who have taught so many of us so very much. Every year the Roman Catholic Church does a special collection of donations … Continue reading

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Solstice is the Reason

It’s time to order your holiday gift cards from my store! These “Happy Hanakwayulmas” greetings are available as regular folding cards or as postcards, along with buttons, t-shirts, gift boxes and more.The text on both card types reads: “All … Continue reading

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