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World famous (or is that notorious) Druid/Wiccan/Heathen/Santarian author, speaker, pundit, etc. Google me to see what I've been doing with my life and what my friends and enemies think about me.

“Guest” essay by Philip Pullman

This was written by the children’s author for the Times Online, then yanked from their website and scrubbed from Google Cache. I think it’s important enough that it should be widely distributed. If Mr. Pullman objects, I’ll be happy to … Continue reading

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I get fascinating email

Here’s a couple of emails I received recently, both from the same eddress: i find your attempt to christianize paganism laughable. the first time i heard your name i knew you were one of these blasphemous hippie idiots trying to … Continue reading

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Wicked Winter Chocolate Factory
Renaissance Faire

I’m really looking forward to the Feb 20–22 Wicked Faire at the Marriott of Hanover hotel in Whippany, New Jersey (phone 973-538-8811 ). Think of it as a combination of an adults-only Renn Faire, a sci-fi convention, a goth gathering, … Continue reading

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Spells for Democracy: Inaugural Edition

Dear President Obama, You may be interested (or possibly amused) to know that you will be taking your oath of office with the prayers, good wishes, and magical spells of over a million Witches, Druids, and other nature Worshipers across … Continue reading

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Meet the Deities Halfway

There’s an old story, which I will now shamelessly steal and Paganize, that goes like this: There once was a Pagan, we’ll call him Dru Iolo, who was very poor. Every day he would go out to the sacred grove … Continue reading

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Adopt an Elder 2009

I’ve just spent some time updating an essay on this topic. Here’s a bit from the opening: Every local Neopagan community has one, two, or more older members who may be struggling to survive on a day-to-day basis. Whether thay … Continue reading

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Beltaine is coming soon!

Why am I mentioning Beltaine (May Day) when Yule still isn’t here? Because May traditionally begins the wedding season, and brides and grooms are already planning their ceremonies, months ahead. To help them with that planning, we’ve opened up two … Continue reading

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Voter protection and assistance

I just ran across this YouTube video at Daily Kos: A blogger at huffingtonpost, asussman0206, has a great idea….here is his/her post… If you have time on Tuesday, don’t just hand out water and snacks. Get in line with a … Continue reading

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