Facebook and two interviews

Fans of this blog (there are a few of you, right?), may have noticed that I haven’t been posting here much. That’s because I’ve been spending most of my time on Facebook, which is where I post bits of news that don’t seem worthy of a full length blog announcement. I’m still a bit unclear as to what a blog is really for, if one doesn’t have something important to rant about day after day.

This weekend (June 6-7) I’m doing interviews for two Pagan internet radio shows: Pagan FM on Saturday about my music and Hex Education on Sunday about magic, witchcraft and everything else. Both interviews are from 10:00 pm to midnight, EDT, and will be available as downloadable podcasts.

I promise, I’ll get to my MySpace, Live Journal, and other networking sites Real Soon Now. I just have to finish this Facebook game called Hammerfall

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World famous (or is that notorious) Druid/Wiccan/Heathen/Santarian author, speaker, pundit, etc. Google me to see what I've been doing with my life and what my friends and enemies think about me.
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  3. ibonewits says:

    Blogs and their comments are so interesting! The first comment above is a link to the fabulous Wild Hunt blog, where comments that could have been made here are made there instead.

    The second comment above is a link to some sort of music blog, that does nothing but link back to here!

    The internet as interlocking moebius strips, I suppose.

    Anyway, I was wrong. The first interview wasn’t about my music (though she did play one of my songs at the end), but rather about Druidism, Pagan Elder support, and others of my hobby horses. I wonder what the second one will be…

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