The Great Isaac Bonewits Online Estate Sale, Part the First

I arrived in North Carolina to crash with friends at their farm one year and two weeks ago. It’s time I take my future more firmly in hand. I’m clear in my mind now that I will move out to Oregon. More on when and where later, but I’ll wait till late spring or early summer, as I have no desire to cross the Rockies in the winter.

In the meantime, I’ll be in the process of simplifying my life even further than I already have done. My winter project is to go through the storage locker and to be very, very cold about what I have that’s really worth taking cross country. More stuff to sort, more stuff to get rid of.

That does mean going through a lot of Isaac’s stuff, too. I kept so much of his, both because I wasn’t ready to part with it for myself, and because I thought other people might like to have something that once belonged to him. I have boxes and boxes of magical memorabilia, as well as boxes and boxes of books and music. And boxes and boxes yet unsorted. My winter will be busy.

His papers, as many of you know already, are being sent to the Davidson Library at the University of California, Santa Barbara. UCSB has a special collection for American religions, and now they have the Isaac Bonewits Papers as part of that collection. They’ll be there for scholars and researchers for generations to come, instead of rotting in a storage locker somewhere. Which makes me very happy.

As for his other possessions, those I’m not keeping, beginning today (yesterday, actually) they will start appearing on eBay. It’ll be the Great Isaac Bonewits Online Estate Sale. I think he’d like that.

First items to appear are vintage audio cassette tapes. These aren’t tapes of him, they are tapes he collected for his own listening pleasure. Some are Pagan, some are Celtic or folk, and some are pretty obscure. So if you are interested, please take a look. They’re available in lots of two to six tapes, with bidding starting at a mere 99 cents.

As I get more stuff available, I’ll announce it here, and on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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2 Responses to The Great Isaac Bonewits Online Estate Sale, Part the First

  1. A. Marina Fournier says:

    I see that his/your tastes and mine overlap quite a bit! I think I own about a third of the ones offered. May you see great bids for it all.

    Should you want to loop through the BayArea on your way to Oregon, I for one would be happy to host you for a week or so, depending on your needs. We have an actual guest room, and all members of this family cook.

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