Bridget, phonetically

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My dear friend Bill Seligman has reminded me that he did a phonetic transliteration of the Hymn to Bridget from Irish to English.

As he said, now we can all mispronounce the Irish together!

A Hymn to Bridget
© 1983, 2001 c.e.
words by Isaac Bonewits

    A Bhrid, ár gcroí, an-gheal Bheanríon;
    lo de thoil é beannachta sinn.
    Is sinn bhur leanaí, is tu ár mamaí;
    bí ag isteacht dúinn mar sin.
    Is tu an coire, anois inár doire;
    a Bhean-Feasa tinfím orainn.
    A thine ghrá, a thine bheatha;
    lo de thoil é ag teacht Bhrid dúinn!
    Ah Vreed ar gree, on-yall Vahn-reen;
    low de hoil eh ban-ach-ta sheen.
    Iss sheen vur lah-nee, iss too ar mam-way;
    bee ogg ish-tacht dween mar shin.
    Iss too an keer-eh, ah-neesh ee-nar deer-eh;
    ah Vahn-Feysa tin-feem ah-reen.
    Ah hin-eh grah, ah hin-eh vya;
    low de hoil eh ogg tacht Vreed dween!

Transliteration by Bill Seligman; derived from the Gaelic pronunciation guide at http: // and listening to Isaac’s performance in “Be Pagan Once Again.” Note that the “ch” is always pronounced as in “Bach” or “chutzpah.”

Thanks so much, Bill.

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