Up to stuff…

Wow, it’s been a busy few days. I’ve been working on some of the technical parts of the site and hadn’t realized how long it’d been since I did a proper blog post.

You may notice some new sidebar content. One of my projects is sprucing up our old CafePress shop. Now you can access it directly through a sidebar widget thingy. (Turn your eyes to the right. On the screen’s right. No, your right. If the screen was looking back at you, it’d been the screen’s left. Oh, dang. It’s there. On the side. Scroll down!) I’m messing with the code on the shop even as we speak. All the product and purchasing stuff is working fine, but one or two spots on the nav bar is going to require Second Cup of Coffee-level coding, so bear with me. I don’t think I’ve messed anything up; must be at CafePress’s end, right?

At any rate, it’s a great way to make some of Isaac’s ideas live on. Why not have the Laws of Magic on your tote bag? Think of what a conversation starter that is! I’ll be prowling around on Isaac’s old computer looking for more graphics that can be used on products, too. Let me know if you have any requests.

I’ve got an Events calendar up now too, so my stalkers friends and fans know where to find me. (If you are not a friend or fan, please refrain from accessing that link.) It’s right under the photograph up top.

Speaking of events, I went to the Greensboro, NC Pagans’ Night Out last night and had a lovely time. They have a great space to use at the Eclectic By Nature shop on State Street, and a nice format with a discussion and then refreshments. You don’t have to worry if you don’t know anyone, just show up! There were more than thirty people there, in a Southern city where people are still coping with the remains of a snow and ice storm. Southern Pagans are a hearty lot. I had a nice long talk with Kenny from the Knights of Herne, a local men’s group that was featured in Isaac’s The Pagan Man.

I’ll be out the door soon for some chainsaw action with the girls as we clear more trees off Claire’s land. Mind you, I don’t do the chainsawing, that’s Renee. Mostly I haul around the remains from the chainsawing. If Claire and I can’t manage something, then she hitches up Albert the Almost-Ox* to haul it away. Last time we were at it, we got 24 trees down. Not big trees, but still …

I’ll post pictures if we get any.

* Turns out Ox is a designation that can only be applied when a working steer reaches a certain age and size, so for another year or two, Albert is still a steer. Claire likes to call him the meat tractor–sums up his role on the farm pretty nicely.

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