Mob Rule in California on “The Root”: About Proposition 8

My response.

For safekeeping, I stored my response, complete with added hyperlinks, on my blog today.

Well I feel better now!

(Kudos to the original author of the “The Forces of Good™ vs. The Forces of Evil™,” by the way. Are you responsible for that one, Isaac?)

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2 Responses to Mob Rule in California on “The Root”: About Proposition 8

  1. ibonewits says:

    I don’t remember whether I coined the phrase, but I think I did in a workshop many years ago where I spoke the words with capital letters. I added the TM sign a couple of years ago.

    I liked the fact that you managed to get both “creedism” and “religionism” into your post — good show!

  2. sari0009 says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if you coined that one. Love the TM sign in there. Priceless.


    …And now back to my studies I go…

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