Beltaine is coming soon!

Why am I mentioning Beltaine (May Day) when Yule still isn’t here? Because May traditionally begins the wedding season, and brides and grooms are already planning their ceremonies, months ahead.

To help them with that planning, we’ve opened up two new websites: Hudson Valley Civil Ceremonies, for people wanting secular, new age, or nondenominational weddings, and Unusual Ceremonies, for Druids, Wiccans, Asatruar, Goths, Pirates, Furries, Trekkers, Nudists, Leather Folk, Atheists, Agnostics, Rennies, SCAers, and members of other subcultures and minority belief systems.

Phae and I will be happy to help people get beautiful ceremonies that reflect their actual beliefs (or nonbeliefs) — not just weddings/handfastings, but child welcomings, funerals, house blessings, and more. If there’s one thing we’re really good at, it’s creating top-notch rituals.

So wander on over and take a look. Let us know what you think.

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World famous (or is that notorious) Druid/Wiccan/Heathen/Santarian author, speaker, pundit, etc. Google me to see what I've been doing with my life and what my friends and enemies think about me.
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