Teachers: Real Magic School needs you!

Real Magic School has really taken off and we now have over 1700 students! Phae and I can’t write enough new course material fast enough for all these eager students, so we are looking for qualified people to join our faculty. We need folks who can write both beginning and intermediate courses on all the mundane arts and sciences as they relate to magic, parapsychology, Paganism (Paleo-, Meso- and Neo-), mysticism, and “the occult,” especially from non-monotheistic points of view.

At Real Magic School we prefer teachers to have at least Bachelor-level degrees in mundane topics and a decade or three of study and practice in their fields of expertise. Unfortunately, like our friends at the Grey School of Wizardry during their first years, we have as yet no funds for faculty salaries, though we hope to have them within five years. Authors will, however, find the process of writing classes to be a very helpful way to get feedback on first drafts of manuscripts, as the Grey School teachers have discovered.

We would like to attract Pagan scholars of many different points of view to join the adventure of creating a body of academically sound, yet magically and spiritually useful, materials to educate future generations of Pagans and occultists. Our long-term goal is academic accreditation as an online college offering Associates and Bachelors Degrees.

We have nine academic departments at Real Magic School:

Dept 01: Magic and Ritual Arts
Dept 02: Psychic and Divinitory Arts
Dept 03: Mundane Arts and Sciences
Dept 04: Traditions of Magic and Mysticism
Dept 05: Philosophy and Polytheology
Dept 06: Pagan Studies
Dept 07: Magical History
Dept 08: Clergy Training
Dept 09: Weird Studies

If you would be interested in teaching at Real Magic School, send an email with your background and the topic of your proposed course to me via “Headmaster AT RealMagicSchool.com” or to Phaedra via “Headmistress AT RealMagicSchool.com” with “Teacher Proposal” in the Subject line.

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2 Responses to Teachers: Real Magic School needs you!

  1. rosewelsh says:

    Isaac, what happened to http://www.realmagicschool.com? It’s not available anymore :(. Is is still down from the crash a few months ago?

    (if you can please email me directly. I still have yet to figure out how to include Feeds into my already busy life… in other words, I forget to check the ones I have for years. rosewelsh44 at hot mail dot com.)

  2. ibonewits says:

    Rose, it’s up and flying now (Monday at 12:45 am EDT), so it was probably being updated.

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