April is all about Texas!

Forget about April in Paris, I’m doing April in Texas.

Well, okay, I know there is an Paris, Texas (yeah, I saw the movie) but I’ve never been to Texas, so I have no idea where in Texas Paris, Texas might be. I do know where I’m going to be, though.

On Saturday, April 9, I’m in Garland, TX at the Sacred Journey Fellowship (Unitarian Universalist) giving my all-day workshop on Propping Up the Magic, all about the use of magical tools. This is an in-depth look at how we integrate tools on the physical, mental and magical planes, and I’m really looking forward to it.

On Sunday, April 10, I’ll be speaking at Sacred Journey Fellowship’s Sunday service on another subject I know well, the Life and Times of Isaac Bonewits. Ever heard of that guy?

Tuesday, April 12, you’ll find me in New Braunfels, TX at Heimdall’s Bridge as guest of the San Antonio Pagan Alliance. I’ll be presenting a workshop that is an old favorite of mine, Internal Tarot. We’ll be looking at the symbolism of Major Arcana cards not for their divinatory meanings but from a psychological and spiritual perspective. In addition to discussion there’ll also be a moving meditation on the cards. (That’s moving as in moving around, although I hope it will also be “moving” in an emotional sense, too.)

I’ll end the week Thursday through Sunday, April 14-17, at the Council of Magickal Arts’ Beltane 2011: Song of Spring, where I’ll be presenting another favorite workshop of mine, Ritual Participation Skills, plus leading the main ritual. I was up at five in the morning jotting down ritual ideas — it should be a good one! You can also line up private tarot readings with me.

Looking forward to May, I’m heading further south, to the Florida Pagan Gathering’s Beltane (lots of Beltanes this year — I wonder what that bodes?) May 5-8. I’m doing three workshops, plus helping out with a Druid ritual.

In May I’ll also be doing a workshop on Real Energy at Truely Unique (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) in Wilson, NC, plus visiting Sherman, NY as a guest of ADF at their Wellspring gathering.

You can find my schedule anytime, by the way, on the Events tab here on the blog.

And of course, if you want me at your event, I can be had.

Hope I get to see you somewhere soon!

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  1. janetlogan says:

    I wanted to drop by and say how wonderful it was to meet you at CMA, and to attend your workshop. I am sorry I didn’t get to attend the ritual, but it seems the Goddess had other plans for me that night.


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