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Video of Isaac Giving a Tarot Reading

At the June 28th Totally Normal Event, I was videotaped giving a Tarot reading with Lo Scarabeo’s Tarot of the Pirates. This excellent deck is distributed in North America by Llewellyn Publications. Since real-life pirates are Not Very Nice People, … Continue reading

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“Stonehenge Decoded?” I think not!

I was more than a little disappointed, as a Druid and as a Stonehenge fan, with the National Geographic Channel’s program called “Stonehenge Decoded.” First off, the title was stolen from a famous book, Stonehenge Decoded, by Gerald S Hawkins. … Continue reading

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Judging Reviews

As I mentioned in a comment to a ludicrous review (at of “The Pagan Man” last year, “Like most authors, I am used to people reading my books carelessly, then criticizing them for content that isn’t really there.” Lately … Continue reading

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Back from Starwood

Phaedra here, home and almost awake after almost a week at Starwood Festival XXVI in Sherman, NY. It’s one of our favorite gigs, and we were really bummed to miss it last year. But we made it (translation: our car … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

“Voodoo and Afro-Caribbean Paganism” is an excellent book on all aspects of the various Afro-Diasporic religions in the Americas. The author, Lilith Dorsey, has been a Voodoo priestess for decades and has researched all the different varieties: Voodoo, Voudoun, Santeria/Lacumi, Condomble, Obeah, Umbanda, Hoodoo, etc. Continue reading

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A Kinder Gentler Triumphalism/Unilateralism?

On Ralph Peters’ Return of the Tribes

Ralph Peters is essentially saying that, globally, Christianity (inferred in the scope of his works) must “recognize and exploit (class warfare?) local customs (which he states often are “cumulative” rather than proactive and have to do with syncretic Shamanism, magic, “exclusive” “barricades,” and connection to the Earth) in order to enact “the religious counterrevolution of our Islamist enemies.” Continue reading

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The Importance of Amazon Book Reviews

A few days ago I indulged myself by googling to see how many reviews of The Pagan Man had been posted online. I was astounded that over 1,000 had been posted… Continue reading

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The UFP Pledge

This page of her blog contains several heartwarming stories of how Star Trek infiltrated, then illuminated her life and the lives of her two young sons. Continue reading

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