Reach out and Poke Someone

I’ve just spent a few hours removing all the links to purchase MP3s of my songs directly from Neopagan.Net and instead installing the SNOCAP Music Store widget on the lyrics pages and elsewhere. Now people won’t be driven crazy by only being able to buy and download one at a time!

The task would have gone faster, except that none of our Macs are fast enough, or have enough memory, to run DreamWeaver or some other modern HTML/CSS editing program, so I’m stuck using PageMill 3 in Mac OS 9 for the foreseeable future.

Real Magic School seems to be off and flying, with 900 or so students signing up for the free introductory classes so far. Even with the economy going into another Depression, people will still want to learn about magic!

I’ve been opening accounts on a number of social network sites recently, trying to spread the word about Real Magic School but also to get feedback from people about our books, music, and other activities. Right now I have pages/profiles on Facebook, MySpace, Classmates .com, hi5, Linked In, and elsewhere — just run a search on my name to find me at any of those sites.

It’s been interesting. I’ve been running into old friends and colleagues I haven’t seen in years. However, I’m also discovering just how dangerous to free time those sites can be — and I have friends urging me to get a Second Life! I have enough problems getting extra hours into the one I’ve got now…

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4 Responses to Reach out and Poke Someone

  1. Noira says:

    Hello. I´ve heard there is an ADF ritual place in Second Life… the whole thing scares me though. I wrote in a poem recently about “the firt man born in Second Life”… I am sorry about the delay, we haven´t spoken recently – when will You be on Skype? I´ ve been offline in the spa and now half-homeless, but I´d like to talk to You someday soon!

  2. ibonewits says:

    Yes, they’ve been talking about their Second Life Druid rituals in the ADF e-lists. For people who can’t get together physically, it’s not a bad idea. It does leave folks who can’t afford top-notch internet access temporarily out of luck, but anything complex on the net does.

    Sorry to hear you’re having housing difficulties. I hope your grove-mates can help.

    I only get on Skype when people tell me they will be calling or available, so send me an email whenever you know your schedule and I’ll try to log on if I’m home at the time.

  3. David K. M. Klaus says:

    When will we be seeing you on LiveJournal?

  4. ibonewits says:

    That’s on my schedule for Saturdays! Of course, I’m not quite sure what Live Journal is for, exactly, so it may take me a while to get into the swim of things.

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