I’ve Got a SNOCAP MySpace Music Store

Today I finally went through the process to set up a SNOCAP music store to sell MP3s of all the songs from my first two albums, Be Pagan Once Again! and Avalon Is Rising!, plus a couple from the not-yet released She Said.

So now rather than people having to pay for and download one song at a time from my website, they’ll be able to buy several at one time—why not collect the whole set?

If you’re one of my musical fans, feel free to copy the source code using the button on the store header, so you can post it on your own blog, send it to your friends via email, etc.

Once more, I am clawing my way slowly into the 21st Century!

By the way, if you want to visit my Myspace page, feel free. I’ll be there a couple times a week, just as I’m at Facebook, posting to my Amazon blog, etc.

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