Spells for Democracy: March ’08 Full Moon

I had this thought last night, after watching his brilliant yet subtle speech about race in America, that Obama was sounding like a combination of Bobbie Kennedy and Martin Luther King. Then I remembered what the right wing Power Elite’s response to them both was.

Those of us who believe in the power of prayer/magic better start praying/spell-casting for Obama’s protection real hard, right now. I suggest that we use this weekend’s full moon energy to place psychic and physical shields around the KKK/American Nazi Party/Christian Militias’ number one target. (Not to mention the powerful corporate and criminal organizations who would love to see him killed before the elections can take place.)

For that matter, there are probably a few nuts out there who would like to kill Hillary Clinton or even John McCain, so feel free to put protection around them too.

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2 Responses to Spells for Democracy: March ’08 Full Moon

  1. Ravenhull says:

    Personally, I’ve felt that McCain does have a strong potential threat looming over him. Despite the fact that he’s about their only chance for a Republican to keep the White House, there are those out there who think he’s not ‘one of us’.

    Lets just try and make sure we give our future president, whether is is Obama, or somebody we might not really care for, our full protection.

  2. ibonewits says:

    I’ll go along with that. But in keeping with my basic belief that focussed spells work better than fuzzy ones, let’s start by putting protection shields around the big three individuals right now, instead of some vague concept of “future presidents.”

    “Protection shields,” in this sort of case include not just protection against nasty psychic/spiritual/magical energies, but also an effect that makes their mundane protectors more alert, psychic, and dedicated.

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