Initiation Experiences

I have an essay on our website called Varieties of Initiatory Experience, which we are thinking of expanding into a full-length book. Every now and then we meet people with truly mind-blowing stories of initiations they have experienced. It occurred to us that stories of initiations that were wonderful (or really horrible) would be very interesting and useful to future initiators and initiatees. Combine those stories with my typology of initiations and we would have a Paganism 301 book of permanent value.

So send them in! If you have a story of an initiation that you received, perpetrated, or witnessed, send it to us! No oath-bound materials, please, and include a note of permission to reproduce your story and what name we should credit you under, if any. Put “Initiation story” in the subject line and we’ll be sure to notice it amid the 2000 spams we receive every day.

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