A Spell for Democracy: Encourage the Debaters

Tomorrow night will be another Democratic debate and I’m sure there will be another Republican one soon as well. Let’s try watching the debates and using our magical skills to literally en-courage all the candidates to be open and honest about their opinions instead of calculating and timid. What’s more, let’s en-courage the media masters to ask tough questions before, during, and after the debates.

Simple, ethical, of benefit to the nation as a whole.

BTW, I’ve noticed that “live” television pictures don’t make very good magical links (possibly because of the time delays), so I recommend using photographs and other physical objects associated with the people being targeted. It’s easy to download digital photos from candidate and media websites, though an old-fashioned part of me whispers that low-tech chemical photos work better.

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  1. If one could encourage Hillary Clinton to be open and honest, that would certainly be appropriate for this season of the year, both for Samhain and for Halloween.

    Regarding Samhain, it would doubtless be the death of her presidential run.
    Regarding Halloween, it would doubtless scare the living hell out of anybody that saw it.

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