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Testing, one, two, three …

I’ve got a webcam now and I’d like to test the various Mac software programs that run with it. So if you have a Skype, iChat, or Yahoo Messenger ID and would like to help me do the testing, please … Continue reading

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Influencing the Dominant Paradigm

This morning on the CBS Sunday Morning show, they ended with a retrospective of all the famous people who died in 2007. They ended with Robert Goulet singing “Never would I leave you” (from Camelot) while saying things implying that … Continue reading

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The evolution of

(Moved from comments) It looks like Noira has made a good start on the revamp of our website! What do our other readers think? I’ll check with our service provider (Pagan owned and Pagan run, but we use only … Continue reading

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We’re #1!!!

At 2:00 pm EST on Saturday December 29th, 2007 Bonewits’s Essential Guide to Druidism was the number one book in sales at for the category of Druidism! Meanwhile, Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals that Work was … Continue reading

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Happy Hannakwayulmas!

We’re back online again, thanks to some generous donations from the community and some serious budget-chopping. I’ve done some minor edits on the website and more will come in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be making a section of … Continue reading

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Offline for a few days

If you are sending us email or waiting for new blog posts, you may have to wait a while. We will be offline for a few days due to financial difficulties. If you’d like to see us back up and … Continue reading

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Holiday Wish Lists

As we gaze glumly forward to the winter holidays—money is very tight this year—it occurred to us that we could, if nothing else, post links to our Amazon wish lists so our friends and families will know the sorts of … Continue reading

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Wiccan military chaplain petition

The Sacred Well Congregation, a provider of Pagan/Wiccan Services at Lackland Air Force Base, is attempting to get a previously approved Protestant chaplain in the US Air Force approved as a Wiccan chaplain, but is naturally being stonewalled by the … Continue reading

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