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Initiation Experiences

I have an essay on our website called Varieties of Initiatory Experience, which we are thinking of expanding into a full-length book. Every now and then we meet people with truly mind-blowing stories of initiations they have experienced. It occurred … Continue reading

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New book coming in 2010: The Laws of Magic!

I have just signed the contract with Llewellyn Worldwide for an entire book about The Laws of Magic: from Antiquity to the Quantum Age! The most revolutionary chapter in Real Magic will be expanded to a book-length discussion of the … Continue reading

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Henry Boenning’s Cat

Behavioral Profiling vs. Associating Symbols/Religions with Crimes

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The Importance of Amazon Book Reviews

A few days ago I indulged myself by googling to see how many reviews of The Pagan Man had been posted online. I was astounded that over 1,000 had been posted… Continue reading

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