New book coming in 2010: The Laws of Magic!

I have just signed the contract with Llewellyn Worldwide for an entire book about The Laws of Magic: from Antiquity to the Quantum Age! The most revolutionary chapter in Real Magic will be expanded to a book-length discussion of the twenty-plus principles that describe how magic works around the world, with quotes from ancient writers, renaissance mystics, Buddhist sages, anthropologists and folklorists, nineteenth and twentieth century occultists, and quantum physicists. Yes, I know it’s a long time to wait, but with inflation going the way it is, you might want to lock in the current price! We’re going to be moving to the Left Coast in 2008, so I wanted extra time for writing, just in case the move disrupted the process (plus we’re also writing the Real Magic 4.0 update and The Real Magic Companion at the same time). The Laws of Magic could come out as early as December 2009, but I don’t want to promise that just yet.

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  1. Cavalary says:

    That code’s a bit messed, but closing the quotes after the height table attribute and replacing the br / with /p (as it is everywhere else) before the USA link should get it aligned right :)

  2. ibonewits says:

    I fixed the quote problem, but I cant find the “/br” you are referring to. Thanks for trying!

  3. Cavalary says:

    Right after the table header, there’s a p center br / instead of p center /p as it is for the other column :)

  4. ibonewits says:

    The soft carriage return (/br) was invisible in the WordPress entry box, but did show up in Firefox’s View Page Source window. Apparently, I need to start the “form action” part of the code on a new line.

    Thanks so much!

    (And since I’ve now deleted the complaint I had about coding, the rest of you can skip over these first few comments!)

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