Bridget, Come to Us

Beth Owl’s Daughter tipped me off to something I surely should have known about, or that Isaac surely should have known about, because he would have loved, loved, loved it.

For the past six years, there’s been an informal poetry slam dedicated to Bridget on Internet blogs. It’s even got its own Facebook page. The idea is that in honor of Bridget, whose feast is today, you should post a poem to her on your blog.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any poems, and never specifically to Her, but Bridget was Isaac’s special matron Goddess. He was devoted to her to the end. He loved doing bardic circles in honor of her at this time of the year, and always sang his Hymn to Bridget. He used to sing the Irish verse, then we’d both sing the English, then we would sing a third verse, he in Irish and I in English. It was so beautiful, one of my favorite memories.

Well, I don’t know if I’ll ever master the Irish (though others have) but I will sing the English again for Her, and for him.

If you’d like to hear the tune, it’s on his Be Pagan Once Again tape and CD (rare critters to find these days). ADF sang it at his memorial service, too . I think it is a fitting gift for Bridgid today.

A Hymn to Bridget
© 1983, 2001 c.e.
words by Isaac Bonewits

    A Bhrid, ár gcroí, an-gheal Bheanríon;
    lo de thoil é beannachta sinn.
    Is sinn bhur leanaí, is tu ár mamaí;
    bí ag isteacht dúinn mar sin.
    Is tu an coire, anois inár doire;
    a Bhean-Feasa tinfím orainn.
    A thine ghrá, a thine bheatha;
    lo de thoil é ag teacht Bhrid dúinn!
    O Bridget, our heart, o brightest Queen;
    cast your blessings unto us.
    We are your children, you are our mother;
    so hearken unto us.
    You are the cauldron, now in our grove;
    Wise Woman inspire us.
    O fire of love, o fire of life;
    please Bridget, come to us!

Blessed Imbolc to you all!

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