Spells for Democracy: Turning up the lights!

Between now and February 5th is a good time to do revelation spells on all the US party candidates for the presidential nominations. Every Monday night (Jan. 21, 28, and Feb. 4th), pick a candidate or two, then invoke appropriate American deities (Justice, Liberty, Democracy) to bring light to all evil shadows around them. Let ugly rumors dissipate and hidden truths stand out clearly, so that even the traditional “mainstream” media cannot hide the results from the American people. These spells will be the ethical equivalent of investigative journalism actually being done about the rich and powerful.

Some of you may want to do divination to decide which candidates to work on and whether revealing negative information is more important than revealing positive. Similar spells will be needed during the following months, but the number of candidates to focus upon should be smaller, except for those of you with important Senatorial or Congressional contests involving corrupt figures.

If none of this makes any sense, or seems somehow “unethical” — imagine forcing politicians to run honest campaigns! — you may wish to read my Spells for Democracy page. Those of you who’ve participated in spells like this before will notice that we are switching our working nights to Mondays, though some of you may want to work on Friday or Saturday nights instead; especially if you can get a group of friends to help.

Let the light of Truth and Justice shine out brightly!

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4 Responses to Spells for Democracy: Turning up the lights!

  1. sari0009 says:

    As long as we’re also actively defeating the likes of H.R. 888, since such focused action compliments spells with like elements/purpose.


  2. ibonewits says:

    An excellent point!

  3. sari0009 says:

    Isaac, I’m scared. I actually feel nauseated. With the tone and purpose of H.R. 847, H.R. 888, the rising role of religion in the primaries, and now the implications of a yet again increased push to increase surveillance (unfettered by various laws, rights) of all American citizens, we seem to be seeing tipping points coming very fast now, as Naomi Wolf describes in her “Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot?”

    People probably have to see how those dominos fall in an interactive way that’s mapped out visually (something that makes this history of religion map is so cool or this map that shows human migration over millennia).

    Else, it’s too easy to dismissively paint anyone, especially anyone outside of mainstream, raising the alarm as alarmist?

  4. ibonewits says:

    Well, we are alarmists … kinda like that Paul Revere guy …

    I share your concerns over the increasing amount of (calling it what it really is) corporate fascism shredding our constitution and strangling our democracy.

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