Video testing results so far

And the winner is Skype! At least, I’ve had far fewer crashes with it. Yahoo Messenger freezes up every few minutes and no one has sent me an iChat eddress. I was able to video talk for over an hour on Skype with the lovely and talented Noira in the Czech Republic this weekend about the remodeling of

So here’s the next step: any priestesses, senior druids, or godi out there with a Skype (or iChat) account and a big screen monitor? I’d like to try a free video chatfest with a roomful of people, see how well it works. If it goes (reasonably) smoothly, we could schedule video workshops for different groups around the country (world?) for far less than having me come in person!

Again, if there’s any Pagan geeks out there who can turn me on to embeddable web broadcast code (that would work with my Mac and USB QuickCam) I can put into a page here at, please do so!

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2 Responses to Video testing results so far

  1. Caspar says:

    check out for live video on your site. It’s a steep learning curve at first, but I played for half an hour and soon had my own ‘live tv channel’ on my website. You can upload pre-recorded stuff and interrupt with a live broadcast from your computer at any time, so if you have some teachings already recorded, you could have them on loop, and at a set time, appear on screen and deliver a new one!

  2. ibonewits says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ll check it out. 🙂

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