Christian Warlocks Strike Again!

Fire up a candle or three to put protection spells around the Staff of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. A Baptist minister is using his church’s website and internet radio show to call for death curses against AU.

Why? Because the folks at AU rightfully reported them to the IRS for using church resources to endorse a particular GOP candidate, which happens to be illegal.

You can find photos of the AU staff at their website.

I’ve already posted a note at their blog to let them know we’re on the job. :)

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4 Responses to Christian Warlocks Strike Again!

  1. zyalia says:

    Where can we find photos of the preacher man? I have a candle just for him special!

  2. ibonewits says:

    Someone posted some links in the e-group. :)

    (Hi Zy!!!)

  3. zyalia says:

    Thanks, I found what I was looking for :).

  4. moonmystic says:

    I checked out the site. Good heavens! How did christianity turn into such hate? Sad to say that preacher and his flock are not an exception.

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