Al Gore has a new site continuing his work on raising political will to address the climate crisis.

An Inconvenient Truth House Parties

When: Saturday, December 16th, 7pm ET
Where: Your House
What: Spreading the word about global warming.

Letter Writing Campaign

Sign a note to your representatives, so that Al can take our messages to Washington next year and present them to the new Congress. It only takes a minute to add your voice. Just click here

Go on over to the site and signup for one or both of these campaigns!

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  1. benandjanette says:

    Thanks for leading this campaign. All the world owes you a big Thank You. I liked the ideas expressed in your speach. I am so grateful that someone of your stature and and political experience has taken this up. For the first time I am beginning to have some hope that corporate greed will not destroy the planet. Thankyou, benandjanette

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