Well … today I was mulling over why on Earth people tend to see logic as cold or unemotional/impersonal. How completely odd, when you really start thinking about it and recall an array of debates you’ve witnessed or participated in, personal or public.

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2 Responses to Logic

  1. ibonewits says:

    I suspect the misunderstanding of logic is the result of Christian theologians and philosophers applying dualism to Greek philosophy and rhetoric. Logic/unemotion is associated with rationality, goodness, and men, while illogic/emotion is associated with irrationality, badness, and women. It’s nonsense, but it is the dominant paradigm…

  2. sari0009 says:

    So, even the very definition and associations of the word logic are bound by bad logic and associations … in the major paradigm?

    Wonder what it would take to give that paradigm a good shake…and knock the nuts out of the tree.

    Hope it’s not anything like this:

    Question: When is the right time to prepare to raise a child?

    Answer: Two hundred years ago.

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