Impeach the Bastards!

The time for being polite is over. It’s no longer a matter of left or right, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, or Independent. George W. Bush, the man who called the Constitution “just a goddamn piece of paper,” has violated his oath of office a hundred times over. Illegal wars, torture of prisoners and other violations of national and international laws, multibillion-dollar no bid contracts for his friends, exposure of CIA operatives for political gain, the deaths, maimings, and rapes of thousands of American servicemen and women, and many other crimes committed by this Administration demand that our representatives and senators actually do something instead of just sitting on their hands like cowards.

People of all political parties and none can and will vote our supposed representatives out of office. No incumbant is safe. I don’t care how big your corporate warchests are. I and millions of other American citizens will no longer listen to the same old excuses. We will spend the millions of dollars necessary to put honest men and women into office. We will not be “good Germans” while our nation’s rulers commit war crimes and atrocities in our names. I, along with millions of other Americans, am sick to death of our senators and representatives making excuses for not impeaching the criminals who have violated not just the basic human rights of millions of people at home and around the world, but the supposed conservative principles they claim to serve.

Sen. Schumer, Sen. Clinton, Rep. Engel: swear now to impeach the criminals or look for another job.

(Above is today’s letter to the New York Times, which they won’t print. However, a copy was sent to the Senators and my Representative.

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2 Responses to Impeach the Bastards!

  1. sari0009 says:

    The official reason “why’ they did not prosecute or properly investigate was that they, “Could not bring this case to trial for national security reasons; to do so would be contrary to good order, morale and discipline in the military?” True for politicians or the military — refusing to investigate & prosecute is contrary to order, balance, ethics, purpose, safety and crimes that can haunt a nation and that can be, say, captured on a cell phone that has picture capabilities. Then people of all nations ask the predictable questions regarding how many cases are not known, not investigated, and not prosecuted?”

  2. sari0009 says:

    From my local news…a woman and her family are still paying the price of one of those military rape-what-rape cases.

    Sickening. The layers of rape (including how she was treated by different systems) in this woman’s story are neither coincidental nor due to an impossible conspiracy — there is deeply entrenched conditioning to treat victims, especially female victims, in very hurtful ways bound to compound damages.

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