What is Neopaganism?

One of the projects left unfinished when Isaac passed away was a book on Neopaganism. He and I had discussed my finishing it for him, and after talking to the publisher, I’m ready to go ahead with it.

As I look over the material he and I accumulated, it’s clear we both knew/know a lot about the history of Neopaganism. However, I’m beginning to wonder if old-timers like us really grok what that word means to people today.

Being of a modern turn of mind for all my grey hairs, I suspect crowdsourcing the answer is the way to go. (In the olden days, we called it “research.”) So I’m asking you, my readers, friends and fans, are you interested in giving me your perspective? With permission, I might quote you in the book.

Tell me in brief, say, give or take 100 words, what Neopaganism means to you. What is important for other people to know about *your* Neopaganism? What do you want people to understand about that word?

You can leave a comment here, or e-mail me at phaedrahps @ aol.com (it’s not a link; copy, paste and take out the spaces). If you e-mail, put “Neopagan Book” somewhere in your subject line. If you’re really pithy, tweet me.

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