Spells for Democracy: Special Alert

Based on the violent hate speech coming from the lunatic fringe on the right wing, I’d like to ask everyone to put extra energy into spells of protection for Obama and his family. Let’s make his Secret Service detail so darned intuitive that they are downright psychic!

I’m feeling very concerned for his safety and that of his family. No one wants to kill John McSame (though a few folks might want to gag Sarah Palin), but the first African-American candidate for President is a prime target of all those ignorant, bigoted folks who still think it’s 1860.

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3 Responses to Spells for Democracy: Special Alert

  1. Many blessings of the Ancestors at Samhain 2008! Thanks so much for this blog entry; I’ve shared it with Coven of Avalon in San Francisco.

    Blessed be.

    Jimboland Jots >>> http://www.jimboland.com

  2. ibonewits says:

    Samhain blessings to you as well! After the arrests of some would-be assassins a few days ago, it seems clear to me that all the Republican hate-mongering is having its intended effect. We have to make sure none of the plots succeed.

  3. sonally says:

    Does anyone have any candle magic spells or the like they would share for the protection of Obama and his family? I too think that we should generate as much positive energy to protect this man from any harm.

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