“Bless His Heart”

Video – Breaking News Videos from CNN.com

Phaedra, here. I usually leave the political commentary to Isaac, but I couldn’t resist this one.

When I moved down to North Carolina back in the mid-nineties, I was blessed to know some previously relocated Yankees who could fill me in on local etiquette. Now, I’d lived in the South before, down in the Florida panhandle, which is not so much related to the Florida peninsula as it is to southern Alabama. In fact, my son has lived most of his life in Mobile. So I’d picked up “y’all” and “gimme some sugar” and “put it up” (instead of “away”) nearly forty years ago.

However, by the time I wound up in NC, I’d been back north for a long time. My buddy A.D. (you know who you are, darlin’) was kind enough to give me a refresher course.

“The most important phrase to remember,” she told me, “is ‘bless your heart.’ But you’ve got to use it correctly.”

“You can say anything about anyone, if you follow it with ‘bless your heart.’ So you could say something like, ‘Now, Loretta May, down in the house on the corner, she’s an ax murderer — bless her heart!'”

So I was just delighted to hear Nancy Pelosi bless Bush’s heart. She’s spent a lot of time in Washington, which is, of course, almost the South. It’s nice she picked up some of the local lingo.

Bless her heart :-)

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