Weekend Plans

Visit A Totally Normal World
This is the Ning group set up for the extravaganza where I’ll be spending my weekend. On Saturday I’ll be riffing on “Magic for World Domination!” I wonder what I’ll say…

(See the blog post about The Totally Normal Event below for more info.)

What kind of bizarre mind conceives of such an event? Here is Jeff Mach’s “About Me” from the organizing site that the picture above sends you to:

Past the blasted barrens, beyond the goblin heath
Where all light is from fire, and even time has teeth,
Beyond the sight of sanity–where all things may occur,
Where smoke takes shapes which waken memories that never were,
Sitting on a medium-sized bluish rock
is a fax machine.
It works pretty well, considering that it’s plugged into a
but it’s very rare for a moment to go by
without it being chewed by a hydra,
stepped on by a brachiosaur,
cursed by the Warlock of the Everpain Tower,
hacked by the Cyberfreaks,
molecularly displaced by freakish atom storms,
worshiped by 13th-century Flemish knights,
dusted for fingerprints,
shot at,
nibbled on,
or sliced into sushi and thrown, at random, through the
gateways of a billion pinstriped alternate worlds.
Which means that sometimes, just sometimes, the message comes
out a little funny.
So. That’s where I get my ideas.
Where do you get yours?

So now you know!

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