What’s happening in late June 2008

I am currently working on two books: a full-length work on the laws of magic for Llewellyn Worldwide and a guide to Neopaganism for Red Wheel/Weiser (both coming out in 2010). While I own a lot of books on these topics already, I would love to hear of new anthropology and sociology texts that would be useful. The Laws of Magic will be the more formal of the two, while the Field Guide to Neopaganism will be a short, breezy look at all our colorful subspecies and habitats.

I’m also working on two new sites to offer my wedding officiant and other ceremonial services (child blessings, funerals, etc.). The sites will be Unusual Ceremonies.com and Hudson Valley Civil Ceremonies.com (there’s nothing at either site yet but a parking page). For the former site, I’m looking for good (royalty free) subcultural wedding photos I can use to illustrate my willingness to do pirate, sci-fi, medieval, leather, naturist, or other sub-culturally themed weddings (most clergy are much too stuffy to serve these subcultures). The latter site will be aimed at folks wanting secular, agnostic, or atheist ceremonies and will be a bit more sedate! 🙂

Phae is working on cataloging our ten-thousand book library at Library Thing (search under both our names), and is about halfway done. She’s also collecting notes for a book on magic and the senses (as yet unsold) and selling Select Comfort Sleep Numberâ„¢ beds (send her an email via “phaedrao AT aol.com” for info on these).

We’re both working hard on writing new classes for our RealMagicSchool.com online school of Pagan and General Occult Studies. We’ve started recruiting other teachers (see next post) to help with the workload of 1700+ students.

I’m waaaaaay behind on keeping up with my pages at Facebook, Linked In, Live Journal, MySpace (two pages!), Tagged, TG Alchemy, etc. Search for me and you’ll probably find me.

And in my copious free time, I read tarot cards at a local restaurant (Reality Bites) in Nyack, NY and on-line via various chat programs (email me for details, put “tarot” in the Subject line).

And that’s why it takes so long for me to answer my email!

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