Happy Hannakwayulmas!

We’re back online again, thanks to some generous donations from the community and some serious budget-chopping. I’ve done some minor edits on the website and more will come in the next couple of weeks. I’ll be making a section of the website to promote my services as a unique wedding officiant and custom rites-of-passage performer, another to incorporate live webcasting of tarot readings and magical seminars and chats (just as soon as I figure out what software to use on my Mac that will work with clients’ PCs), and a complete makeover of Neopagan.net has been offered by Noira, our Czech Druid! Let us know what you need, Noira, and we’ll get it to you.

In the meantime, as I often talk about during the winter months, now is a good time to encourage those around you to donate to the support of Pagan Elders and Seniors. Speaking gigs have been drying up as Pagan festivals cut the number of people they bring in to their events, previously Pagan-friendly publishers are reducing the book contracts they sign (since they think the “Pagan fad” is over for now), and the economy is as bad for Pagan Elders as it is for everyone else, so odds are your favorite writers, speakers, and community organizers are feeling the pinch. Come on! Do you really need that diamond-studded platinum wand or that complete set of 100 goddesses carved in jade?

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3 Responses to Happy Hannakwayulmas!

  1. Noira says:

    You mean for the compensation? We´ll se later, I´ll think about it.

    First an analysis needs to be done to figure out my and Your ideas of the future shape of the website. I am sure You must have some ideas in Your mind, so write it all down (alvita.felis@gmail.com).

    I will download the whole website to my computer to see the code / volume of files. The website being as comprehensve as it is, it needs some clear means of orientation (like a click & drop down menu with categories appearing on the left or top). The design (backgrounds etc.) needs to be unified to give the visitor a feeling of integrity. The adds need more effective placement.

    That´s just what pops into my mind looking at the website.

    PS My insurance company has paid for a 4- week spa for me, so I´ll have plenty of time there to do something for greater good 😉

  2. ibonewits says:

    I was wondering if you needed the ftp address and password for a quicker downloading of the site, current photos of Phae and I to put on the front page, etc. I’d like the overall look to be current but vaguely familiar. I’d also like to be able to incorporate a shopping cart for the mp3s, video chatting, and some other things to make the site more interactive.

    Does anybody else have ideas they’d like to see manifested here?

  3. Noira says:

    I have downloaded it without problems to my local computer. I have created this rough draft of the site navigation: http://www.arbor-nocturnus.wz.cz/neopagan/ which uses one of Your backgrounds and the “cyberhenge” motive. Try clicking the drop-down menu. The frame marks the “contents” area. What do you think?

    I am not 100% sure about the video chat feature, would have to ask somebody. It usually eats up a lot of stream capacity and I assume webhosting is horribly expensive in the US. Maybe incorporating a YouTube video channel would be better, as they would store the data + the site is a big phenomenon. Like 1st Monday in the month “Isaac´s Druidic musings” 🙂 YouTube is a tremendous tool to promote one´s business…

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