Happy Cats and Happy Owners

The big pet food scare really rattled nerves around this house, since our (obligatorily black) cat Bennie has severe digestive problems.

Those of you who follow our blog regularly know that Bennie has his share of health problems. He’s hyper-allergic to food coloring and other additives, which contribute to his ongoing inability to properly absorb food. After his last health crisis, the vet recommended we feed him exclusively on hypoallergenic prescription food. He’s tolerated that very well, but since he tends to get dehydrated, the vet wanted us to add the canned version to his diet also. Unfortunately, the vet couldn’t find us a source for the prescription wet food that corresponded to the prescription dry food.

Not too long ago, as an experiment, Isaac picked up a can of Pet Promise brand natural cat food. Not only did the cats love it, but Bennie has tolerated it really well (translation: he hasn’t spit it up all over the house — huzzah!) Our vet was very impressed.

Today, in light of all the pet food additive problems going on right now, I visited the PetPromiseInc.com web site and was quite impressed by the green agenda I found.

They have a slogan, “To help preserve family farms, to change the way farm animals are raised and how companion animals are fed.” I like that. The company doesn’t just do one good thing, they are very aware of how the choices they make as a company spiral out and affect not just customers but suppliers as well.

It’s nice to know that taking care of your babies (or your little monsters, depending on what they’ve been up to recently) can mean taking care of a lot of other good things, too.

We’re going to run out today and try the dry food version, too. If he tolerates that as well, it’ll save us a lot off both our pet food and vet bills.

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2 Responses to Happy Cats and Happy Owners

  1. MadaRua says:

    You just discovered what I did about a year ago. I am willing to bet that your Bennie will tolerate the dry food, too. My dogs do. My Lab has alot of “tummy problems” and Pet Promise is the only food he can eat. The one time I tried something different (Wholefoods was out of Pet Promise) my Shepherd started to “void” bits of her stomach and intestinal linings. The Lab just barfed and other signs of intestinal upset. So to speak!
    I won’t mention the name of the other brand, but they are leaders in the Organic Industry and are connected to an actor. :o)
    Being an Herbalist, I have to ask. What alternatives have you tried?
    Mada Rua

  2. athenegrey says:

    We feed our two dogs and four cats Pet Promise and they react as well to it as they did to home made food – which was really well. I love Pet Promise and it is well worth the extra bucks.

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