Daily Archives: June 3, 2006

A Name Change?

Phaedra’s been pointing out for a while that “Isaac Bonewits’ Homepage” is a really old-fashioned name for a website in 2006. So we’re thinking of changing the name to “The Bonewits Cyberhenge.” Whaddya think? Continue reading

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Live! On Your Computer! Isaac???

Here’s a thought I’ve been kicking around for a while: doing webcast workshops from my home computer instead of traveling all over the country (or the world), using up fossil fuels and costing my hosts a small fortune in plane tickets, hotel costs, etc. Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Truth

We’ve been advertising it on our front page for a couple of weeks. Today we finally got to see it at our local theater, and we were very impressed. Continue reading

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Wellspring 2006!

Monday evening I returned home from a fabulous four days at the ADF Wellspring Gathering. The folks at Stone Creed Grove, ADF did their usual fantastic job of organization and operation of the festival. Continue reading

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